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A perfect organized view for your market data. You get to focus on your desired outcomes, with the help of an advanced web interface, facilitating acquiring new partners & expanding relationships, conquering digital markets ⦾

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Imagine Google in reverse - an adaptable ecosystem around your digital product

Since the yellow pages, executives of all kinds: Product Managers, Marketing Professionals and Strategy Advisors were looking for an ultimate to find the most relevant solution to their needs and not to lose valuable market data. That's why we created Silver Bullet - to find the most relevant partners for your business needs and organize the data in the simplest way.

Automated parsing & scouting

With advanced API integrations and parsing, don't lose anything that is happening on the market, whether it is new deals, potential partners competitors or contractors in your field with great offers.

Smart data storage and synchronization

Keep track of everything that is happening in the market with high-level, multi-project visibility.

State-of-the-art seamless visualization

Translate your market data into a visual context to see the most important market changes in any given moment, pull insights from it and adapt your strategy on the go.


Our awesome features

Adaptable canvas

Monitor your market. Study your competitors. Discover partnerships.

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More Than You Think

Discover our trusted sources: Watch your market and row your business with much less legwork.

Embedded automation

API synchronization with the best databases available. Parsing the public sources..


A space to store your information

Fast, easy to navigate, and simple to see your market. Access the frameworks. Update it seamlessly.


Smart collaboration

Access to the most relevant of 700+ experts and 1500+ freelancers with advanced recommendation system and get proven insights.


A collaboration platform and an advanced search tool - formulate inquiries based on your digital product's description

Collaboration should be simple, straightforward, and effective. We provide a platform complete data toolkit for your teams to manage your market info and stakeholders.

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So Intuitive, So Easy

A powerful collaboration market data platform that helps you to connect to the right parties and visualize your market research.


Happy Clients

Giving us 5-stars reviews: more than a third of them become our recurring customers


More time to focus on business development

We save product and business development teams on average 20-30% of their work time


Successful international launches

More than 115 companies doubled their revenue with our platform within a year

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Our awesome features

Power your team with the ultimate tool of market research

We will find answers to your questions about what is happening in the market, connecting you hassle-free to relevant data partners, contractors & freelancers, experts and consultants.


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Write an email to us nizhge(at) or in telegram +4915258775347 @geni_al

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Pricing that fits every stage

Whether you are just starting or have a growing startup

Outsource your marketing and save your team 1/4 of their working time
€500 / product
  • A Database with all your closest competitors
  • 1 Contributor | Owner
  • Visualization features
  • SSL Security
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Receive automatic updates and market monitoring with advanced market analysis
€39 / month
  • Weekly data updates
  • 3 Contributors
  • Market Intelligence platform designed for your digital products
  • API syncronization with your frontend
  • Advanced data management (change blocks, reorganize information) & SSL Security
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For established businesses with multiple products
€129 / month
  • Combine your several products market intelligence into one ecosystem
  • 5 Contributors
  • Advanced visualization & export features
  • Dedicated team of analysts
  • Customer Success Manager
  • SSL Security
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